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The Dachs


Developed and manufactured by German company Senertec GmbH, the Dachs is a European manufactured packaged micro CHP unit based on reciprocating engine technology.

Operating reliably and successfully across Europe for many years, the Dachs is proven technology and has become the number one choice micro CHP.  Over 20,000 units have now been installed by Senertec GmbH, and its partner network across a dozen countries in Europe.  It is Ireland’s most popular micro CHP, having been successfully installed in numerous applications such as nursing homes, fire stations, hotels, office blocks and warehouses.

Key features of the Dachs (gas fired) are as follows;

  • 5.5 kWe electrical output
  • 14.7 kWth heat output
  • Overall fuel efficiency of 99%
  • Compact, integrated package design
  • Noise levels as low as 52 dB(a) at 1 metre
  • Easy to install and operate
  • 80,000 running hour design life
  • Up to 10 Dachs can be installed in a multi module arrangement
  • Fully compliant with ESB and NIE grid connection criteria for micro generation
  • Integrated modem for off-site monitoring and control


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