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Why Install A Dachs?

Energy Efficiency = Energy Savings

By using your gas more efficiently on site and making it work for you by producing electricity, the Dachs injects efficiency into your heating system.

Performance on gas

Energy efficiency translates to savings, and each Dachs you install will save you money on your heat and electricity bills, as much as €3,500 (£2,900) per annum in the right application.

Carbon Savings

Centralised power generation is inherently inefficient. The bulk of the fuel energy that goes into a centralised power plant is lost in the form of heat, and there are further losses in transporting the power from the point of generation to the point of use. Then consider the fuel mix in Irish electricity, which includes high carbon content fuels such as peat, oil and coal. All this adds up to electricity being the most carbon intensive energy supply in the country. By using gas to generate your own electricity in the Dachs, you reduce your consumption of grid supplied electricity, and each Dachs can reduce your carbon footprint by 10 tonnes CO2 per annum, and even more if you are also using the heat it produces to displace oil fired heat.

Energy Performance in Buldings Directive

From January 2006, the EU’s Energy performance in Buildings Directive has been in force, meaning over the coming years, all buildings in Ireland will have to be energy rated in much the same way as an electrical device such as a fridge or washing machine, and CHP is one of the technologies that is required to be investigated for new buildings over a certain size.  By installing a Dachs, your building gets a siginificant boost to its Building Energy Rating (BER).

New Building Regulations

Ireland’s respnse to the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive has been the new Part L Building Regulations, 2008, requiring that any new dwellings must meet targets in relation to renewable energy use. Drivers are in place to connect Apartment blocks to centralised heating systems, or mini district heating schemes (DHS). Installing Dachs units into a DHS is a cost effective way of bringing an entire apartment block into compliance with the new building regulations. For further information, please read our Charlotte Quay case study.

Save Energy, reduce Carbon and Boost your Building ’ s Energy Rating!


Dachs … the power at the heart of your heating system!