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Dachs FAQ

What exactly is Combined Heat and Power?
The formal definition of CHP, per the European Cogeneration Directive (2004), is “the simultaneous generation in one process of thermal energy and electrical and/or mechanical energy”. Micro CHP is defined as CHP technology less than 50KWe in output. Technically, a CHP unit is an electrical generator that also produces hot water, or simplistically you could consider it as a boiler that also produces electricity! 

Why should I consider CHP?
There’s no more efficient way of generating electricity and heat, and is therefore a recognised carbon saving technology. But apart from the obvious environmental benefits, CHP users make savings on their energy bills—the more you run a CHP unit, the more you save.

Who are Senertec?
SenerTec are the world leader in micro CHP technology, and was established by the German automotive parts manufacturer, Sachs (the heart of the Dachs is still a Sachs single cylinder four stroke engine). In 2001 SenerTec became part of the Baxi Group, and recently became part of De Dietrich Remeha group.

What is the Dachs?
The Dachs, SenerTec’s micro CHP system, is 20 year old tried and tested technology. There is simply no other micro CHP system in the market that can compare with the Dachs in terms of track record and number of units installed.

Can I use the Dachs in my house?

There are two reasons why it’s not suitable for the average house in Ireland. Firstly, it’s a three phase unit, and most domestic connections are single phase in this country. Secondly, the 5.5KW electrical output is too large for most houses. However, very large houses e.g. 6,000 sq ft with swimming pools and three phase connections, may be good applications given the relatively high and constant demand for heat and electricity.

What if I produce more electricity than I require?
It will simply be exported from your site to the national grid.  

Do I get anything for the exported electricity?
Quick answer is NO!  Which is why the best applications are those where the heat and electricity demands exceed or match the outputs from the CHP unit. However, many electricity suppliers will engage in discussion with you over purchasing your exported electricity.