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Financial Times article

“With the nursing home, the carbon footprint was reduced by about 17 tonnes,” says Frank Daly of Kinviro. “They also saved something like €2,500 a year on energy. The beauty of this is that they get electricity as a bi-product.” Ireland’s energy policies lean towards the promotion of CHP and microgeneration – a response to the EU’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and CHP directive. 

Research from the International Energy Agency states: “Expansion of co-generation [otherwise known as CHP] in France, Germany, Italy and the UK alone would effectively double the existing primary fuel savings by 2030 . . . The savings equate to a co-generated electricity expansion in these countries from 155.69Twh today to 465Twh in 2030.”

“In the last year, combined heat and power systems have seen a real uptake,” adds Mr Daly. “We’re quite far behind the rest of Europe in terms of clean tech. We think Ireland is catching up quickly though, but we still have a long way to go.”

Financial Times article

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